My 4 Favorite Asian Beauty Youtubers

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2018

How long has it been since my last Favorite Youtubers post? It's been years! Although my Youtuber viewing has waxed and waned these past few years, there are several Youtubers I go back to and rely on whenever I need some inspiration, get my mind off things, and maybe to catch up on what's new in Beauty (since being a mom means I don't get to indulge as much).

This time though, I'd like to put the focus on Asian (descent) Beauty Youtubers since they are the ones who inspire me most (beauty-wise). I just really need someone with monolids to show me how to do an eye look on my monolids. And since the typical Western makeup doesn't look as good on me, I've also been going more into natural-looking makeup and Korean style makeup, that is why those Beauty Youtubers who do that kind of look is what I enjoy watching the most.

Anyhoo, without further ado, my 4 Favorite Asian Beauty Youtubers.

My 4 Favorite Asian Beauty Youtubers

Jenn Chae | From Head To Toe

Jenn is the first Beauty Youtuber I've ever discovered when I was searching for a tutorial on how to apply BB Cream. BB Creams then was only sold in Korea, years before Western market started producing them.

Until now, I am still keeping tabs on Jenn. So much has changed since I first watched her. She now has a child (which is about a year older than mine - so I was also able to relate to her pregnancy and baby videos).

Beauty-wise, she's my go-to whenever I need a special look because she makes smokey eye makeup on monolids look so natural! It's like she doesn't have monolids at all, until she removes her makeup.

That being said, I do have to say that my favorite look of her was when she visited Korea and came back with a new hair and copping the Korean makeup look. It looks so refreshing after being used to seeing her all smokey and sultry.

Jenn Im | Clothes Encounters

Jenn started out as a Fashion Youtuber, she still is, but her topics has expanded into Beauty these recent years. She is also one of those I've watched for years and has witnessed bloomed before our eyes. She is recently married and is doing so well on her fitness goals as she most of her "baby" weight and has now blossomed into a fine young woman so full of life.

Jenn is spunky, and you'll see that in her clothes, especially ones she used to wear when she was younger. Now, I see her venturing out into different styles, ones that I could see myself wear too 😄 . She talks fast, but not in the I'll-talk-over-everyone-in-a-loud-voice kind of fast. She's actually a breath of fresh air.

Makeup-wise, she's more relatable than Jenn Chae who is more precise. She reminds me of how I put on my own makeup: no fuss, cross fingers I don't mess this up.

Morgan Stewart | Beauty Breakdown

Morgan's channel is different from the 2 Jenns' in a way that she's more focused on reviewing beauty products, getting the lowdown on what's good and bad, comparing between products, and finding dupes of high ends. She's very much into Korean Beauty. She hauls Korean makeup and skin care and spends as much time breaking down these items and comparing them with the Western counterparts.

Morgan is a good resource when you are trying to find a good product that fits your budget. If you're looking into trying out Korean beauty, you'll find lots of information and recommendations in her channel too.

Morgan is also self-confessed skincare obsessed. Skincare doesn't get the back seat in her blog which is what usually happens in other beauty youtubers' channels.

Pony | Pony Syndrome

This list wouldn't be complete without Pony. If you're a beauty enthusiast in Asia and haven't heard of Pony, I don't know what rock on the internet you're under. She has done collabs with big beauty brands before releasing her own line of makeup called Pony Effect.

She is as precise as they come as she is also working as a makeup artist for some Korean celebrities. Fair warning: her videos are all in Korean but they are subbed in English and her tutorials are done well that you wouldn't have problems following along.

Among the 4 on this list, she's the boldest in her colors but not in her personality. She's soft spoken and easy to relate to.

So there you have it. The 4 Asian Beauty Youtubers I can't stop watching. They are all different from one another but each one as irreplaceable as the next. What about you? Who are your favorites on Youtube? Share them in the comments.

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