Create Text With Images Using Canva

by - Friday, September 21, 2018

This is what we're gonna be doing today. This text that looks like it's been cut out from pictures, or the wall has openings in the shape of letters (which I think would be a waste of a beautiful view). It looks difficult to do (unless you take scissors to paper - which would be very cool) but it's actually easy and you make it using Canva. If this is something you'd like to learn, then read on.

Let's get started.

1. Open Canva.
2. Choose the size you wanna make. I chose Instagram. Don't choose a template.

3. Instead, search for letters to the word you are planning to make. Tip: this technique looks better with a single short word.
4. Among the results, choose the one that has a field and sky image because that will enable you to attach an image to it.
5. Arrange the letters on your page.

6. Now it gets fun. Search for an image you want to attach to your letters. Or you can upload an image if you already have one on your computer. I chose to search for a sea image.
7. Select one you like among the results.
8. After you click on it, it will appear on the center of the page. Drag it to the first letter and jimmy it into place. It will automatically shrink to fit the size of the letter.
9. Click crop.
10. Stretch the image to fit the entire width of the page, then position the top to align with the top of the page. This will ensure that you can easily find the correct position for all the letters so they will look harmonious.

11. Select the image again and repeat the process for the other letters.
Tip: If the image isn't lining up to the letters the way you want, you can move the letters up or down the page and adjust the image accordingly.

12. When you've done all the letters, check if the images are lining up with each other and adjust if it needs adjusting.
13. You can then add some additional text.
14. Don't forget to save and download.

And there you go -  an image as text. Wasn't that easy? There are lots of ways you can make it your own, but I suggest to keep the image text short to make a bigger impact (and also so you won't go crazy doing every letter).

I would love to see your creations. Tag me @dawndoneza on Twitter or @its.just.dawn on Instagram. I'd love to see how you've used this technique to do your graphics or deliver a message.

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