Meet Your New Canva Ambassador!

by - Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I see you looking left, right, up, down. You're probably thinking, "who? where?" Well, um, *clears throat* it's me! Isn't that exciting? I never thought I'd ever become an ambassador to something (I do have my own advocacies that I happily pursue on my own) but the idea of being an ambassador is a big deal. It gives credit to my beliefs that somehow I'm doing something right.

I know what you're thinking, it's Canva, it's not like #savemotherearth movement (which I am an advocate of), but it's design! Design is my first love. Even in Kindergarten I wrote that I wanted to be an architect, and I indeed became one. I fell out of love with architecture though because although I love design, I hate construction.

Design might not be able to help us from the inevitable self-destruction we've inflicted on our planet, but design shapes us. Design makes a difference in a good night's rest, or how much time you've saved getting from point A to B.

In graphics, it helps get our message across in a clearer, more efficient way. We get to influence emotions or ideas with just an image. It could be powerful if used in a good way.

Did I just went over the time limit for my speech? Hehe. With all seriousness aside, I was massively surprised to see Canva comment on my tweet about one Canva tutorial. After exchanging messages, I was invited to apply, and I got in! Hooray!

This is the dream!

Perks of being a part of the Canva Certified Creatives:

  • Canva credits every month
  • Discount off Canva Prints
  • The scoop on the latest Canva news
  • Early access to beta testing programs
  • Exclusive training, meetups, and events
  • Priority support
  • Exclusive swag
Sounds really cool, isn't it? I am most excited with the Canva for Work upgrade because that would mean I'd get to play around with more features, creating more stuff than I previously do. I'm so excited to have new tutorials for you.

Hold up! What is Canva you say? Why, it's a free online design tool you can use to create graphics. It's super simple to use. They have loads of templates, images, and fonts to choose from and you can create them in sizes specific to the platform you're posting it to. If you haven't been using it, give it a try. You can also check out my existing Canva tutorials and head over to to start designing.

I have a few Canva tutorials lined up this month. So do stay tuned!

Is there anything Canva-related that you're strugggling with or you'd like to learn?

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