I was a late bloomer. Although being interested in makeup as early as high school, I never really gotten into it until after finishing college. When I moved to Metro Manila for a job, that was when I discovered the huge world of makeup. There were a lot of options I haven't seen before. When the only chance of picking makeup was through an Avon brochure back home, now there's an entire floor in the department store filled with makeup.

It was in mid-2013 when I started writing about makeup, skincare and fashion, I guess around a year or so after being immersed in that world. Little by little I learned more and more about makeup and skincare, enjoyed not just with putting it on, but also the science behind it. It was around this time that I discovered Korean beauty. And that changed the game.

It was love at first sight. I'm sure you can agree, the products look so adorable. But the science behind it can't be beat either. And the simple and cute looks that's so popular with Korean beauty made me think that it was something that I could do on a daily basis without looking so out of place in a country that's so not into dramatic makeup.

Naturally, I got into natural looking makeup or the no makeup makeup looks. After so many years of being bare faced, most people thought that the heavy makeup was just a phase. Including myself.  Finally, I felt like myself again.

It took me so many years of foraging through beauty aisles and beauty blogs to finally know who I am beauty-wise (skin deep, of course).

And the latest - natural and organic makeup when I learned I was pregnant. Natural products are really hard to come by especially here in the Philippines. But just like I did before with the entire department floor filled with makeup, I'm excited to learn more and embrace it into my life.

From Keep Calm & Beautify to xoxo Dawn to Just Dawn, this blog now not only serves as an avenue for beauty, but also more of my lifestyle as I try to live a green life, as well as my passion with graphic design as I try my hand on easy tutorials that less experienced bloggers can easily follow through.

Thank you for sticking around.

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